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Characters infro

Himura Kenshin 
Wandering swordsman who helped bring the Meiji Dyansty into full swing by assassinating those who stood in the way. Once called Hitokiri Battousai, he became a legend in his own time. Now he's taken up a reversed sword, or 'Sakabatou' and tries to protect the people he cares for. Here are the stats on the man. His current age in the manga is 28. 
Name: Himura Kenshin 
Height: 158cm Weight: 48kg 
Born:1849 ( Kaei 2nd year) 
Birthdate: 6/20 
Zodiac: Gemini 
Birthplace: Unknown ( Kansai?) 
Bloodtype: AB type 
Equipment: Sakabatou, Sakabatou: true form 
Current style: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu 
Kamiya Kaoru 
This young woman is teacher of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu style. She's been taking care of the Dojo since her Father had passed away, her goal is to teach many people this fine art form. When she first meets Kenshin, her Dojo's name had been tainted by a man claiming to have come from that school. Kenshin helps take care of the jerk and helps her rebuild from there. She seems to be the most appropriote romantic interest for Kenshin, however it has yet to be seen if the feelings are mutual. Here are the stats her. Name: Kamiya Kaoru 
Height: 155cm Weight: 41kg 
Born: 1862 ( Bunkyuu 2nd year) 
Birthdate: Somewhere in June 
Zodiac: Cancer 
Birthplace: Chibaken 
Bloodtype: B type 
Equipment: --------- 
Current style: Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu 

Sagara Sanosuke 
Sanosuke, an Ex-Gangster. He was hired to take Kenshin down, but as per usual, Kenshin beat him and they became friends. Formerly part of a false Government group during the creation of the Meiji Dynasty called the Sekihoutai, lead by a man called Sagara Souzou. Here are the stats on Sano. Name: Sagara Sanosuke 
Height: 179cm Weight: 71kg 
Born: 1860 ( Year of Manei ) 
Birthdate: Somewhere in Feburary 
Birthplace: Naganoken 
Zodiac: Pisces 
Bloodtype: B type 
Equipment: Zanbatou 
Myoujin Yahiko 
Myoujin Yahiko of the Tokyo Samurai, as he boasts. His goal is to become strong, so he has taken up lessons at the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu Dojo. Originally employed as a pickpocket, Kenshin and Kaoru caught him pickpocketting Kenshin. Later they saved him from the yakuza. Here are the stats on him. Name: Myoujin Yahiko 
Height: 128cm Weight: 23kg 
Born: 1869 year 
Birthdate: Sometime in January 
Zodiac: Capricorn 
Birthplace: Tokyo prefecture 
Bloodtype: B type 
Equiptment: Shinai 
Current Style: Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu
Makimachi Misao 
This strong spirited ninja in training encounters Kenshin on his trip to Kyoto. She apparently had been on a journey to find the Oniwa Banshuu, particularly Shinomori Aoshi. She ends up befriending Kenshin and crew. Here are the stats on her. Odd thing... it says in the anime she's 16, but according to the Hiden, her birthdate would make her 14. 
Height: 149cm Weight: 37kg 
Born: 1863 year 
Birthdate: Sometime in November 
Zodiac: Sagittarius 
Birthplace: Kyoto prefecture 
Bloodtype: B type 
Equiptment: kunai 
Current Style: Oniwa Genshi kiken boujuu - 
Oniwa banshuki kunaijuu 
Takani Megumi 
A talented doctor, Megumi enters the story when she begs Kenshin for help. She was an apprentice of another doctor, who made Opium for a guy named Takeda Kanryuu. When he died, Megumi became the only person who could make the opium. She escaped, finding Kenshin and Sanosuke as saviors. She ends up going back to the mansion once more, the crew storming in and taking names, opponants being the Oniwa Banshu. They end up saving Megumi. She went back to Tokyo with them and became a local doctor. She believes that she should try hard to save people, to make up for the lives she cost by making opium. Here are the stats on her. Name: Takani Megumi 
Height: 166cm 
Weight: 45kg 
Born: 1857 
Birthdate: Sometime in December 
Birthplace: Fukushamaken (Aizu) 
Zodiac: Capricorn 
Bloodtype: B bloodtype

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