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Characters infro

Yotsuga, Kazuki
Age: 16 years old 
Mecha: Hartzinen, ZINV (Jinmu) 
Yotsuga, Masaki 
Yotsuga, Atsuko 
Seiyuu: Tamaguchi Takayuki 
A young high school student who has trouble seeing visions of mechas. He was discovered by Sanada Mitsuki who is interested in his visions as Kazuki writes them in his homepage. Apparently, he was accidentally transported to the parallel world and become a pilot of the CR-1 (Hartzinen) and the ZINV (Jinmu) which he is the only male who can pilot the mecha and with a negative Life Sympathy. 
D is a mysterious being that was discovered in the ruins of an unknown civilization. She is the last of the species in her world and was revived by Ken Sanada through physical cloning. She is somewhat have a characteristics of an android, and she became the pilot of the Core Robot No. #3. D hardly talks to anyone and seems rather quiet most of the time. But when she meets Kazuki, she seems to like him and was very responsive to him. 
Apparent Age: ??? (14?)
Mecha: CR #3
Sieyuu: Uchikawa Ai 
Rara, Mitsuki
She is the Mitsuki of the parallel world; Mitsuki Rara is the daughter of Hiroshi and Ayuko Rara. She is called Ms. Ra of the Rara Forces and leads her robots to battle the Global Defense Forces. Her true self was revealed when Kazuki was badly injured in the battle and accidentally brought under her care. She took care of Kazuki not knowing he was the pilot of the white core robot. Mitsuki is sweet, charming and mild mannered type of lady. She is quite sensitive and a bit emotional on certain things. She disguises herself as Ms. Ra with all the heavy make-up along with her change of attitude. 
Age: 17 years 
Mecha: Himiko, Hartzinen 
Father: Rara, Hiroshi 
Mother: Rara, Ayuko 
Sieyuu: Toyoguchi Megumi
Sanada, Mitsuki
Mitsuki Sanada is most popular girl in her school because of her looks and intelligence, even in the parallel world. She is interested in Kazuki's visions and introduced him to her father Ken Sanada. She was also brought to the parallel world but arrives one month earlier than Kazuki and became the pilot #2 of the Core Robot. She is a responsible and uptight girl and wants things to be always organized. 
Age: 17 years old 
Mecha: CR-2 
Sanada, Ken 
Sanada, Ayuko (Real World) 
Seiyuu: Tanaka Rei

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