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Name: Heero Yuy
Gundam Mobile Suits: Gundam Wing 01, Wing Zero, Wing Zero Custom
Heero Yuy, possibly the greatest Gundam Pilot out of the five from the space colonies. Named after a historic figure, Heero almost seems like a person with out any feelings. Yet as the series goes on, it shows that because of Heero's emotions he can't kill Relena. Even though Heero is a great Gundam Pilot, he still makes mistakes, and its not small ones that the normal pilot would overlook, its huge ones.. like when he was mis-lead and destroyed the Shuttle that carried General Noventa. And although it might not be a mistake, Heero self-detonated his first Gundam Mobile Suit after being defeated by Zechs who piloted the Tallgeese. By Heero destroying his own Gundam he put his own life in danger, which shows the commitment that Heero has to completing his missions.
Name: Duo Maxwell
Gundam Mobile Suits: Gundam Deathscythe, Deathscythe Hell, Deathscythe Hell Custom
Duo Maxwell, he pretty much has the most personality in the series.. you can always tell what he's feeling because he doesn't really keep much bottled inside. Like all the others, he's sent down from the Colonies to overthrow OZ and he does it pretty well with his Deathscythe. Duo is a pretty good gundam pilot, he shows his skill when he defeats the Vayeate and Mercurius Mobile dolls, which is pretty impressive considering one doll has incredible offence, while the other has outstanding shielding capabilities.
Name: Quatre Reberba Winner
Gundam Mobile Suits: Sandrock, Sandrock Kai, Sandrock Custom
Quatre is part of a family, that could quite possibly be one of the richest families in the space colonies. He fights along side with the huge army of the Maganac Corps. Quatre is a person that lives by his morals, although he is a great gundam pilot he does not kill his opponents as viciously as the other pilots, but just because he wont kill as harsh it doesn't mean he isn't a good pilot.. It's pretty much the opposite as Quatre has piloted the Wing Zero and made little mistakes giving him control of the complex gundam. In truth though, Quatre's morals restrict him from being a better Gundam pilot. 
Name: Trowa Barton
Gundam Mobile Suits: Heavyarms, Heavyarms Kai, Heavyarms Custom
While Wufei is the master of close-ranged combat, Trowa Barton is great when on tactical missions due to his soldier training. His Gundam suits him as well, it probably has the most power out of all the gundams, which is to say alot. He has heaps of different projectile weapons to take down even the toughest of the enemies. When Trowa and his Gundam are together, they make a great combo with the skill and unlimited potential of his Gundam. Trowa's real name is Triton Bloom and he is really Catherine's brother, the reason he was not aware of this is because he and his family were seperated at birth.
Name: Wufei Chang
Gundam Mobile Suits: Shenlong, Altron, Shenlong Custom
Wufei Chang is a master of martial arts and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. It makes sense because Wufei's gundams are close range so he'd be just as great with or without a gundam when fighting someone his caliber in Martial Arts or inside his Gundam. Wufei follows the rules of war as much as he possibly can, he is an honorable warrior that eventually gets to fight Treize, although Wufei loses, he still comes out alive. In time, Treize lets Wufei kill him, but as the story goes on Wufei feels he can't accept that he honorably defeated Treize in battle.

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