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Sumurai X-Infro

The story happens in Japan on XIX century, a very violent period that ends up Shogunato (governamental system that gave to the Samurais a noble position. Serving to castels of Feudal Sirs the samurais were cause of fear and respect of the Sword Art . With the back of the political power to the hands of the Imperial Family, starts the process of opening the Japan to the Ocident. That starts revolutions in the country, motivated by old Feudal Sirs interesteds in manteim some privileges. To contain this revolutions that started up a civil war, samurais are choosen by the government, to be professional murders. That's were Kenshin Himura enters the story , the most feared of the samurais, The legendary Hitokiri Battousai , in service to the Emperor Meiji. Grown up and trained by the stronger samurai: Hiko Seijurou ( Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu's master) the young Kenshin enter the government and at the bloody Civil War like a Hitokiri. With his legendary strenght, the fact of only mention his name already fill the enemies with fear. But even being the winner, Kenshin didn't scape of he War Horrors, and have a sad life marked by the loss of his wife Tomoe Yukishiro (OVA). Since that he decided to become a Rurouni and help people with his sword to pay for all his victims.

Ten years after Kenshin finds a new home at the Kamyia Dojo, where he met the beautiful Kaoro Kamyia and his new friends Sanosuke Sagara and Yahiko Myiojin, and this is when starts the great adventures of the better Swordsman ever: KENSHIN HIMURA .

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