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Animax Network

Konnyanyachiwa ! Get connected with all your favourite anime. A great place to meet all your favourite anime.......

Welcome to animax

20 November 2001

Hi, everybody welcome to The Animax network .The site which links all other entertainment site together. Feel free to browse around and check out some of the goodies i had install for you . Animax network will continue to improve and create better and more wonderful site for everyone.Do remember to sign my guest book!
Thanks to CLAMP

20 November 2001

Card Captor Sakura is a continuing Japanese comic series which began serializing in a girl's monthly magazine, Nakayoshi, since June 1996. A 70-episode TV animation series was aired during 1998-2000. The first movie was premiered in the summer of 1999 in Japan. A 2nd movie was released in theaters in July 2000 in Japan.According to the comic,there were only 19 clowcards, but in the cartoon series, ther were altogether 52 clowcards. Here in  singapore, most of this comics were translated to chinese.
I would like to thanks Clamp for creating such a wonderful cartoon for everyone to enjoy....
About anime

8 December 2001

Have you noticed that pokemon has a cool, neat look; different from a lot of other cartoons? That's because it is different! This special style of animation is called anime (ah-nee-may). Cartoons like Monster Rancher,  Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and cardcaptor are all types of anime cartoons.
New updates

21 March 2002

I had updated more info of other animes @ the Synopsis page. Including listing of animes shown here in singapore.Notice the changes at the poll,please poll there.Do e-mail me in ways i could improve my site even better. 
new site & banner

8 April 2002

I have just changed the Animax banner to something different compare to the one before.Secondly, I had created a card captor website.Check it out  @ Animax captor .Thank you for all your support. 
Card captor sakura
Cardcaptors is the dubbed version of the hit anime series in Japan, Card Captor Sakura. Cardcaptors stars Sakura Avalon, who "accidentally" stumbles upon the Clow Book, and with her unknown powers, she is able to open 
the book. Calling upon The Windy card, all the other cards were blown away. Out comes the guardian beast of the Clow, Kerberos, who is enraged at the missing cards. She soon realized that she just released the mystical and dangerous Clow Cards into the world. Along with Kero, and later allied with Li Showron, and the rest of their friends; the two Cardcaptors set out to recapture all the cards.

Pokemon adventure

check out the ultimate pokemax.A place where all pokemon's downloads are possible.I have 100% English version  pokemon cad game. Attactives wallpaper and pokemon music for eveyone to enjoy!!!!!! So do not hesitate visit it now @

samurai x
The ultimate Fighting warrior - Samurai X. Adorned with a special sword, he wards off the forces of evil and saves lives. Kaoru Kamiya, a beautiful maiden and expert sword handler completes the invincible duo. Intense, thrilling, and colorful, Samurai X is an action - packed animated adventure.

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